Haotian He @ The Great Wall at Badaling, Beijing, 10/13/2017

🤗 Welcome no matter how you get here!

What I'm Working On?
📱 On weekdays, I'm a full-time senior machine learning
     engineer focused on Speech based in San Francisco
     Bay Area, creating the personal assistant voice on
     your electronic devices.
🏡 On weekends, I'm enthusiastic about real estate
     investment and management. Currently I'm preparing
     for California Real Estate Salesperson Exam, and
     planning to get the license in 3 years hopefully, so
     that I can sell my properties for free.
Touch Base?
✋🏻 This website is only for my personal blogs. I welcome
     your touch base on various topics on reading and
     life wellbeing, but refuse any contact regarding work.
🧮 My professional résumé is available here if you are
     interested, but please refrain contacting me for
     anything related to professional.
✉️ Get in touch via Email:
Buy Me a Coffee?
☕️ If you feel generous and want me to keep up writing,
     or if you want to meet up with me about real estate
     investment/management, or anything other than
     work, you can buy me a coffee here.
Other Things?
✈️ I travel internationally few times a year for some fun
     and fresh air, mainly to 🇬🇧🇮🇪🇫🇷🇷🇺🇨🇳🇰🇷🇻🇳🇨🇦.
🤠 I graduated with linguistics degrees, and speak
     English as the working language, 汉语普通话 as the
     native language, 한국어 as the family language, and
     日本語/Русский/Tiếng Việt for social.
📚 Every night I will make sure I spend at least one hour
     on reading books. I'm sharing my reading list and
     reading thoughts here.
🇨🇳 这些大概一半的文章都是用中文写的。有的时候长篇
👨🏻‍💻 I'm a big fan of productivity iOS apps on iPad and
     iPhone. This year I'm focused on using Notion to
     track my annual resolutions and goals, which you
     can find a public version here.
🏘 Even though I'm short of money to buy all the good
     houses, I keep an eye on the market every day, and
     write some posts on thoughts of homeownership,
     mortgage and rentals here.
💵 With real estate experience, I'm also into research on
     personal finance management, and often post what
     I've learned here.
🇺🇸 Also this year, I officially filed immigration petition to
     the United States. I'm sharing my path of immigration
     and visa stories here.

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