• Haotian He

Reading List of Last Month of 2019

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

To make up my debts in the yearly reading goal of 20 books, I'm scheduling 4 additional books for the last month of 2019, covering various topics from gender equality in Korea, social field study in Chungking Mansion of Hong Kong, Mao's ideology and movement, and a personal account on immigration related issue and its impact on Europe.

The reading list of December 2019 is as follows with my reasons of choice,

1. 82년생 김지영(82年生的金智英) by 조남주(赵南柱)

This feminist fiction, together with the movie going with the same name, reignites tensions in South Korea. As a husband of a Korean native, I would like to learn more from a native's account and interpretation on struggles of discrimination, exclusion and violence against Korean women.

2. 红太阳是怎样升起的——延安整风运动的来龙去脉 by 高华

This book is for sure forbidden in Mainland China, but itself is a very precise academic writing by Gao Hua for 20 years research. I would not expect myself to finish all but get some basic idea of Mao's ideology and how it contributes to the Rectification Movement. The Yan'an Rectification Movement is also the origin of all the subsequent political movement led by Mao after People's Republic foundation.

3. 世界中心的貧民窟:重慶大廈 by 麥高登

I've been to Chungking Mansion and was surprised by the international community residing in the building, and bought this book from Eslite Tsim Sha Tsui next to the building. I would like to learn more from a social field study perspective from a local scholar.

4. The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam by Douglas Murray

I bought this book two years ago after Syrian refugee flooding into Europe, but did not get any time to actually read. I would like to read this highly personal account of a continent and culture caught in the act of suicide, and see whether the first-hand perspective still apply to the current European culture and society.