• Haotian He

Global Entry Application - First Thing You Do When You Get Your Green Card

As an active traveler (at least pre-COVID), I'm always jealous about those who can quickly pass the border officers and checks, just by clicking few things on a kiosk. Later I know it's part of Trusted Travel Programs. However, as a temporary resident in the US, we were not eligible to apply for it. I feel even bad when I realize that both my Chase Sapphire Reserve and Amex Platinum cards reimburse these programs for full credits.

Therefore, the first thing we did as soon as we get our physical green cards is to apply the Global Entry program on https://ttp.cbp.dhs.gov. Probably due to the COVID-19, the whole process is so smooth and fast. It only cost us 2 weeks from initiating applications to getting the global entry cards.

Global Entry or TSA Pre

Of course, Global Entry for international travelers. While TSA Pre expedites your boarding check process, Global Entry just includes TSA Pre with only $15 USD premium for additional international travel convenience. I would say, the button line is, unless in the next 5 years, you won't travel internationally at all, $15 USD more would save you tons of time and stress from getting back to US. Let alone, it also includes NEXUS to Canada and SENTRI to Mexico by car via fast lane.

Interview Process

I applied online for both my wife and my cases in September 25 evening, and the next day I already received the email of conditional approval, asking for scheduling interviews. I went online and just scheduled the closet slots at September 27 at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). So fast and convenient. The CBP officers who interviewed us were super friendly and sometimes too talkative. The whole process is just for information comparison and confirmation purposes, and only cost 10 minutes to get it approved immediately. You will be specifically told one things that Global Entry is only for your own use, and you cannot bring others who do not have Global Entry to the kiosk. If so, you have to separate or take CBP officer line.

Credit Card Reimburse

I have two high-end credit cards, and just fully utilized them for my wife and my two applications. For Chase Sapphire Reserve, I'm the only card holder so I charged it for my application. For Amex Platinum, my wife is my card's authorized user and Amex confirmed she can also take advantage of that when it's charged under her authorized card.